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SmartXel Media Network becomes a vendor for providing blogs to Amazon KindleTM

Clifton, New Jersey, April 27, 2009- SmartXel has announced that it has become the preferred vendor with Amazon to publish blogs on its Digital Publishing platform, Kindle. The first blog published on Kindle, “A Goose Egg” is now available for subscription.

SmartXel LLC is a leader in content management and content marketing with established network of partners, writers and collaborators. Along with SEO/SEM and other internet marketing activities, SmartXel Media Network is now also a preferred vendor for publishing blogs on Amazon's new wireless Reading Device - KindleTM. “We can publish your blogs on KindleTM (touted as 'The Future of Reading') and help you reach out to millions of more readers while helping you and/or your company generate a source of revenue”, said Executive Partner for SmartXel Media Network.

For additional information on making your blogs available through Kindle, please email SmartXel Media Network at or fill up the sign-up form at

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